First Experience

Everything about this new church was a new, wonderful experience. The preaching, singing, testimonies and especially the close knit family-feel was great. I was beginning to grow in the Lord, and the pastor was a great help to me in the events taken place inside my spirit. One Sunday night, during the singing, the spirit began to reveal needs in a few of the people. After the singing, we sat down and the spirit was still moving in me and I didn’t quite know what to do. During the time we were moving up to the alter, I told pastor what the spirit was telling me and what should I do. With wisdom pastor told me to just pray for these people God had shown me. Sometimes when we receive guidance of the Holy Spirit we want to go and pray right then, and that is good if it is the right time to do it. We should wait for the Holy Spirit because we might want to go, but the Spirit, knowing best, will many times say whoa. More can be accomplished at the right moment  if we will trust the Spirit. I thank God He put me into a good ministry, because it saved me from a whole lot of mistakes I could of made. I praise the Lord for this first of many lessons.