Holy Spirit opening new doors

My friend And I had just been assigned to distribute church invitations to a part of town known as the badlands. After covering a big portion of the badlands, we came to one home where a big party was in progress. A man came to the door and we spoke to him about visiting our church, and since our church was new to the area we were unknown to many. He was not interested, but his mother said she would come. We set a time to pick her up for the next Sunday meeting. Arriving on time that Sunday morning to pick her up, her son told us she had had a lot to drink the night before and was asleep and not in any kind of shape to go with us. We spoke to her again later and she said she was sorry, but would go for sure the next Sunday. Returning to her home Sunday morning, her son said she was at a friend’s house down the street and would be too drunk to go. Arriving at her friend’s house, she asked us in and told us the lady was asleep on the couch. I asked my friend to talk with the lady of the house while I went over to sit down next to the drunken lady lying on the couch asleep. I began to ask the Lord to quicken this woman to be awake and sober. While praying this, all of a sudden the woman instantly sits straight up sober and alert, and speaks to her lady friend who owned the home. “I don’t know what happened to me, but let him touch you too.” The lady was scared after seeing what happened to her friend and said no, she didn’t want to. After feeling God’s power go through her, she never did go to church. God says He doesn’t want anyone to perish, so I still hope and pray she will come to Christ. I am thankful that God, through the Holy Spirit, has allowed me to be used for His quickening power to touch this woman’s life, and I give Him all the praise. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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