A different Direction

Moving to my hometown was a great move for our church, where new people were added to the church daily. We, as a church, decided to buy an old bar across the street. After completely stripping everything out on the inside we renovated the entire building. Two large rooms and a full kitchen on the main floor. Upstairs, pastor finally had an office and we added a missionary room and a large prayer room. The first Sunday in this building the downstairs area was used for classrooms. We decided to go to the back room where the associate pastor was going to teach. As my wife and I stepped into the room to find a seat, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said come pray with me. So I told my wife that I was going upstairs to pray. The next Sunday, going to class, the Holy Spirit spoke the same words to me again, and again  I left my wife and went upstairs to pray alone. After that there was no turning back. My life was changing and I met with the Holy Spirit to pray and to learn how to pray. This is one class you never graduate from, because learning to pray is a lifetime endeavor. Giving into God’s will and purpose is what we need to do, and in doing so life will never be the same. Praise the Father, Son and Holy Ghost!



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