Class Interpretation

After praying alone for for many months in pastor’s office, pastor announced in church that I was praying in his office. During Sunday school, anyone who wanted to join me was welcome to do so. The next Sunday about four or five came in and I was thrilled to see them because those who came were seasoned veterans in prayer. During prayer a dear brother close to me began to speak in tongues and the startling part was I understood what he was saying. The Holy Spirit was giving me the interpretation of what was said, and I wrote it down on a sheet of paper. A few moments later a lady began to speak in tongues and the words were a little different but the gist of the message was on the same subject. Where two or three come together and pray agreeing, God will do something and move in their behalf. I thank the Holy Spirit for allowing me to participate with Him in this class. Without the Holy Spirit nothing that’s worthwhile will ever be accomplished. I’m glad that He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.



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