new class

I had been meeting in pastor’s office for a few weeks with five or six people and the Lord was really helping us in prayer. In a church service one Sunday morning pastor announced that Gene was going to teach on prayer, but it was basically going to be mostly praying, in one the portable buildings. Our first few weeks there we were running about twenty-five people in the class. One Sunday morning after taking up our class offering I was led to send the offering plate back around again. I encouraged them that God wanted everyone to participate in giving. “Everyone has something to give, if not money, a pen, button or something, but give.” God wants us to give from the heart, and if we have a need, then give something as a seed to meet that need. God needs something to work with to produce an answer for the need. One young man came to me a few weeks later and told me that he had put in the offering his favorite pen as a seed because he needed a job. He told me that God had opened a door to a new job, and wanted to share the good news. We were so happy and were rejoicing together in the Lord. Only God can do these great wonders, far exceeding what we can ever ask or think. In Christ, Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.



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