Finishing my mail route an hour early I decided to stop by and see an old couple  on my way back to the post office.  As we met at the front door, they were so glad to see me, and I them. Going into the living room we began to share events that had transpired since we had last seen each other. While sitting and talking together another couple came in that were close friends of theirs. I was introduced to them and we all sat down to share together. I began to share with them and God got me into the area of marriage. Sharing on loving and forgiving each other. I shared with them that when they went to bed together, they should wrap their arms around their mate and pray for each other. Husbands and wives can reconcile differences just by doing this simple act and it brings forgiveness in both parties. After their friends left, this old couple told me this was the very problem this couple was having. Being newly married they were already quarreling some. Praise the Lord who always comes on time. He who loves much, forgives much. Be sure to salt all things with a measure of grace. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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