God’s Interpretation

Walking down the corridor on the second floor of our church on a Sunday morning, I was stopped by a young child. This child looked up into my face and spoke these words that I will never forget. Mr. Holstein, will you pray for my daddy to get saved, and I said yes I will., Those words reverberated through my entire system and I was changed and am still being changed daily in ways beyond my understanding. I promptly walked back downstairs seeking an empty room to pray for this child’s daddy. I found the room I needed and entering, I shut the door and fell to the floor and tried to pray but all I could do was groan  and the groaning was from deep within my spirit. I stayed in the presence of God until the groaning in prayer had ceased. The answer to this prayer did not come for several years, but when it did, the daddy’s salvation was completed. There are times in prayer that words are not needed. In those times let the tears, or groaning, be the avenue of prayer. These two words, tears and groaning, are what God desires and are two of the things that move God to answer these heart felt requests. Be Blessed and Be a Blessing.


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