In The Room

I left home early Sunday morning, excited and anticipating meeting with my Lord. As I drove down the road trying not to speed, I told the Lord, ” I’m coming Father, I’m coming.” I kept on letting Him know I was on my way. When I entered the room of prayer, the glory and presence of my Lord filled the place. I began to praise and worship Him. From worship the Lord took me with Himself and would tell me for whom I should pray. He and I prayed for the nations, church, and people, for their salvation, healing, and for people to be spiritually hungry. My friends, we all should strive to have a place to meet God. Meet Him in closet or bedroom, in the woods or church. The main thing is to be consistent in being at your place of prayer. He! the Lord is waiting for all who will meet with Him. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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