Be Seen or Be a Star

I am going to step out of character on this one, because this is the way I believe He is leading me.

Being in church for the greater part of my life I have heard and seen a lot of things happen in church. There are three important issues  or battles of the mind people in the church (not all people) have problems with. These are preaching, singing, and praying. Things I have heard are, ” I’d like to preach,” or “I never get to sing” and “I’d like to pray once in a while.”

God already has one star, one hero, and it is His one and only SON Jesus Christ. Do we really want to try and be a star, or would we rather be seen by God. Many of those that sing, pray or preach are seen by man and God and are working in their callings, which pleases God. If we really believe we are called to one of these positions, then practice, and more practice and wait till God wants to bring us out of the secret place to be seen and heard by the church. Our faithfulness to God and His calling will make anyone a blessing for His greater glory, and that alone should give us joy when we see the praise going up to Him. Whatever position we have or don’t have, let’s just try and shine in the place we are standing. Let us count our many blessings one by one. Receive this in love and keep me in your prayers, for I am a needy person. Amen.


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