Walking On the Fire

Sometimes God will give you a word and no matter if it’s for the future, the word sometimes comes from events of the past. The  word I received  was a”fire” and it came through a friend in our bible study.  She was talking about Africa where the people in most locals had to cook over an open fire.

When I heard the word fire, it brought a happening up out of the past, afresh in my spirit. My wife and I had only been married a few short years. Sitting at home my wife told me that she had been talking on the phone to her friend whom she had not seen for many years. Her friend was now married and living in upper Pennsylvania and they wanted to see each other again, and so they made plans for us to visit them.

After driving from our home in West Virginia for several hours we finally arrived at their home and planned to stay about three days. One morning everyone wanted to go to a local park and have a picnic. On arrival we located a nice area that had a few empty tables and set up our food. We were  having a great time of sharing  stories and my wife spoke of funny things that happened in their childhood. This precious couple had two beautiful little girls and while we were talking, the two girls were playing around one of the other empty picnic tables. One of their daughters, in playing, stepped on some coals laying on the ground.  Someone earlier in the day had poured out the hot coals on the ground. As the daughter stepped on the coals she cried out in great pain.  All of us leaped over to her picking her up, and her daddy put her foot in the ice chest to help lessen the pain. I began quietly to ask God to work a miracle and not let her little foot be scarred. We all rushed her to the hospital. After about twenty minutes the doctor came over to us and said he could not find anything wrong with her foot. Her foot was completely free of any pain and there was no sign of any kind of burn. Praise the Lord! He answered the prayer exceedingly beyond what I had even asked. Glory to His wonderful name. May the good Lord help us all to always be watching and praying in season or out. His works are far too numerous for my feeble words. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.