When Two Meet

Can two people walk together unless they meet? The Lord is still looking for two people to come together and agree on a matter or touching any one thing. If two, they don’t have to belong to the same church, be the same color or same age. One of these two may have great faith and the other less; one loud the other soft. All these things do not matter at all. What does matter is that they agree on the one subject that brought them together. For as surely as they can come together in complete agreement, God will give them what they ask. The question is, can two come to this agreement without wavering or doubting and hold each other accountable to stay the course until the answer comes.

If they will pray one for the other, laying aside any and all desires, wants or needs, denying self, looking only to Jesus, He will answer. Not only is God looking for two who will agree, I believe the whole world is looking and hoping there are a few people who will answer God’s call. Today, start your search for the one you may find that can walk along with you and meet God together. Are you walking yet? Go! Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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