The Listening Heart

I had only been saved about three years and had just started attending a new church. During the service I had my first encounter with God speaking to me. I could see these people in my mind and He let me know that they were in need of prayer. During the time of prayer around the altar I spoke to my pastor and related what the Lord had revealed and what should I do – go pray with them or just pray for them. Pastor told me to just keep it to my heart and pray for them. I am thankful for a pastor with Godly wisdom. Over the years I’ve tried to put into practice all he has taught me.

There is a little song I heard once and it has a lot of meaning for us all if we will just practice the words of the song. Here are the words. Wait, wait upon God, wait, wait upon God, it’s not in the trying but trusting and dying, so wait, wait upon God. Very simple but very profound. Practice, practice, and listen for God to speak in that still quiet voice. Oh! What adventures are out there for us all. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


Road Signs

Today I drove over to Eleanor to check out the lake for wildlife but there was only a bunch of geese. Back in the car, I circled back to an area designated as a bird sanctuary. There was a locked gate but people are welcomed to walk the road that is just one large circle. The road has a layer of gravel that has been pressed in place over several years of use. Leaving the car, I started out walking this road hoping to see some wildlife to photograph. Looking down at the ground as I walked to get to the main area, I was overwhelmed at what I was seeing. It was as though I was looking through a giant magnifying glass. I could see every minute sign of life that had traveled that road in the last several days. Footsteps, deer tracks, small stones nudged out of place. It seemed like everything was being revealed. I am still trying to process it all, knowing that God is trying to teach me something. In this earthly, and also spiritual, realm there is far more to see than what appears obvious. God speaks a lot to me through nature. On your life trail, let God teach you in the ways  you will understand best. We are all different and unique and God knows how to reach us all. Lord help us to get our inner man in tune with your Holy Spirit and glorify the name of Jesus in the process. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

The Inner Circle

Driving to our church on Sunday morning was only a half mile away. We pulled onto the parking lot, and after getting out, my wife and I entered the church together.  My wife left to talk to some of her friends. While walking through the foyer, one of my prayer partners came quickly over to ask once again a familiar question. “Gene, what has the Lord been telling you this week?” This man and one other had been my constant prayer partners for several years. We wept many tears and shared great joys, three men who prayed with fervent prayer and always expected answers from our loving Savior.

It has always been an honor to walk and pray with them. I believe a few times we came close to bringing down heaven and seeing  the Holy Spirit move in His great power. I don’t consider myself special and I always try to esteem others greater. After writing and telling just a little bit about these two men I would like to introduce you to them, and you know I hardly ever place names in my writings. With great honor I give to you Red McComas and Elmer Postalwaite. You may not ever know much about these two men, but I believe that they are already known in heaven.

  Though we are not together anymore I speak to them once in awhile and I know in my heart this circle will never be broken. Remember us in your prayers and please Remain a Blessing.