The Inner Circle

Driving to our church on Sunday morning was only a half mile away. We pulled onto the parking lot, and after getting out, my wife and I entered the church together.  My wife left to talk to some of her friends. While walking through the foyer, one of my prayer partners came quickly over to ask once again a familiar question. “Gene, what has the Lord been telling you this week?” This man and one other had been my constant prayer partners for several years. We wept many tears and shared great joys, three men who prayed with fervent prayer and always expected answers from our loving Savior.

It has always been an honor to walk and pray with them. I believe a few times we came close to bringing down heaven and seeing  the Holy Spirit move in His great power. I don’t consider myself special and I always try to esteem others greater. After writing and telling just a little bit about these two men I would like to introduce you to them, and you know I hardly ever place names in my writings. With great honor I give to you Red McComas and Elmer Postalwaite. You may not ever know much about these two men, but I believe that they are already known in heaven.

  Though we are not together anymore I speak to them once in awhile and I know in my heart this circle will never be broken. Remember us in your prayers and please Remain a Blessing.


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