The Listening Heart

I had only been saved about three years and had just started attending a new church. During the service I had my first encounter with God speaking to me. I could see these people in my mind and He let me know that they were in need of prayer. During the time of prayer around the altar I spoke to my pastor and related what the Lord had revealed and what should I do – go pray with them or just pray for them. Pastor told me to just keep it to my heart and pray for them. I am thankful for a pastor with Godly wisdom. Over the years I’ve tried to put into practice all he has taught me.

There is a little song I heard once and it has a lot of meaning for us all if we will just practice the words of the song. Here are the words. Wait, wait upon God, wait, wait upon God, it’s not in the trying but trusting and dying, so wait, wait upon God. Very simple but very profound. Practice, practice, and listen for God to speak in that still quiet voice. Oh! What adventures are out there for us all. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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