Silent Night

Silent night Holy night, sounds wonderful doesn’t it. Of course most of us have spoken or  sung these words. Many times in our childhood at Christmas time, the family would gather round and sing this song. Being adults now, we still are able to humble ourselves and enjoy it once again with fond memories.

  I am glad everyday is special and that we don’t have to wait for a certain time of year to sing this song. To me, every night is a silent night and is  holy. Late at night there are no sounds and all is quiet. I don’t always sit and read, but I wait quietly that perchance I will hear His voice and visit with Him for a moment. If I can keep my heart focused on Him, perhaps He may stay with me a little longer.

This is my favorite time to wait on God. What is your best time? Maybe after the kids have gone to school and the house is quiet for a little while.  Whatever is best, morning, noon or night, take time to get quiet and wait for Him. It can be a time of refreshing, healing, or just a process of learning to listen for His voice. Give God that special moment. He is looking forward to it just as much as you are.

Now run to Him and experience a life changing moment that will carry you through all eternity. Be Blessed  and Remain a Blessing.


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