The Battle Rages

In this life, we are in a battle or heading into one. That’s life. This year has been one of conflict within our physical bodies, but the spirit still holds on to God’s unchanging hand. I’ve been having hearing problems in my left ear due to fluid in the inner ear. After going to an ear doctor recently, he also did a hearing test on my ears, and I have some hearing loss in both ears. I guess most of the loss came from all the practice with firearms and competitive shooting.

Take heart my friends! I now have practice hearing God’s voice much more than the time spent shooting. I long to hear His voice, and it means more to me than any awards man can give. Do you desire to hear the praise of the voice of this world, or is your heart hungering to hear the voice of God? Only in God’s word and the inner voice of the Holy Spirit is there true peace and liberty. LISTEN! God is still speaking and He is still waiting to hear your voice. So when your battles come, you can rest assured Christ will be with you every step of the way. There is the victory, and it is only in Christ Jesus. Let the battle rage on, you are still in the hands of God..


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