Simplicity of Prayer

I’ve had a few people the last few years ask me about prayer, so I’m going to give some of my thoughts on the matter. First and foremost, one must love God with all our heart, soul, ,and mind. this is life’s success at it’s best.

I believe people in general either think or talk so much about their situation, that they are unbelieving for the answer even before they get around to asking. God really is waiting to help. If we can trust a friend to help us with a problem, how much more should we trust our God.

God wants us to not only ask Him but to trust Him for the answer. God wants us to place our problem in His hands, and in doing so you have given Him something to work with. An answer of two words, which are all we need, are “only believe.” Now rejoice and Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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