Good Conversation

When as a small boy, dad and I would go hunting together. Riding in the car we sometimes talked, and other times we would just be quiet and enjoy the silence together. In the car or in the forest we did not have to talk, but the whole time we knew and felt each other’s presence.

There have been moments while attending a prayer meeting that there has been both men and women. They  have each said that they either did not know how to pray or what they should say. The only thing I could tell them is that God is always with you and will never leave you, so just talk to Him as if He was your husband or wife, as the case may be. To pray is just having a conversation, and talking to the one you love should come easy. The main thing to do is always trust your heart, because out of the heart come the issues of life as the bible instructs us.

An easy way to learn to pray is open your bible to Psalms and read and pray the scripture verses, and sometimes while praying God will bring a person or a need that someone has. When those moments come, stop reading and pray over that need  God has placed in your mind. God is always there for you and He is the best teacher of all. He is just as excited as you are to have a prayer conversation. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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