Be Still

Be still, just rest, don’t say a word. All my children talk so much, you can’t hear what I want to say. Be at ease and put your mind at rest. I gave everyone a wonderful mind. Let it rest so your mind and body can get back in one accord. Do you know when you awaken each day you are all  ready in my presence?

   Be still, quietly wait and listen for my voice. The more you practice being still and listen and wait, the clearer my voice can and will be heard. I long so much to talk with you and to hear you speak to me, even as you speak to your little ones. Learning to be still will renew your strength and build up you most precious faith. Your stillness and waiting make my heart rejoice at your obedience. Obedience is always better than sacrifice. Continue practicing my presence and in all things, pray. I am with you always. Now go, be blessed and be a blessing.


The Drawing

Praying is a way , a path, a trail or a constant drawing, and by His mercy brings us ever closer to Christ. While we are performing all that is listed above, prayer is transforming us into the likeness of Christ. By faith, as we continue to change or die to self daily, we look forward to walking in His steps as they would lead us into the garden of prayer. I may touch on this more if He would allow me to do so.

  Living in this attitude of prayer and living in Him, there are others to think of. Christ desires us to make disciples of all men. An immediate task is within the church itself.  As we have been drawn by the Holy Spirit into living in Christ, He would have us share this love with others.

  As Christ continues to transform us, may we through our testimonies introduce others to this life of prayer. Christ would have all be transformed  by Him, not by an outward working but an inner work.

Direct Approach

There is only one way to approach God, and that is go before Him boldly, yet humbly. Sounds like a contradiction in words doesn’t it? but it isn’t, my brothers and sisters.

  Take a giant step forward, and tell the King of Kings and Lord of Lords of your desire to worship and praise Him and Him alone.

   My Lord and my Mighty God, you alone are my Saviour, my healer, my protector  who covers me with your sheltering wings, and allows me to dwell in the shadow of your wings. You are my kinsman redeemer, who saves my life daily, and allows me to eat with you at your banqueting table. You strengthen me daily, and the breath of your Holy Spirit renews me each day.

   I give you my heart,soul and mind, and simply ask that you renew me daily so that my song in the night will give joy. Let the bright and morning star shine on my face and guide my footsteps all the day long. In the evening walk with me in the garden and may I pray with you for a little while.

  As my Shepard, teach me to wait for you to lead me beside your sweet waters breathing in the sweet nectar of heaven itself, and help me to rest in the fields of restoration. I am yours and you are mine. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing, all ye people. Call upon Him and He will surely hear.


“Dad, I want a ball glove and I want a bicycle for Christmas.” Remember asking for those things, or how about, ” I want an ice cream cone” does that ring any bells. I thought so. I said that word want when I was a kid and even a teen.  As a late teen and going on twenty I don’t think I used that word anymore. I never had much money so I had to begin thinking through about what I needed or was it just something I wanted. Changing my way of thinking saved me a lot of money and disappointment, and made straight my path for the future.

Ps. 23:1 says ” the Lord is my Shepard I shall not want. : That says it all. I am satisfied God will meet my every need and if there is anything else He will see to it that I lack no good thing. Oh! I still mess up once in a while, but He helps get my bearings straight again and get me back on course.

I contemplate about what is my greatest need and the answer comes to me simply,  to be like Christ. That one answer means it will cost me everything but it is worth it all.

   Consider all that you have bought and lost, or friends you’ve have or had, or places you have been. Are you still in the wanting stage of life or do you begin to see there is a greater need in your life. Consider the cost, is it worth having things of this world that you have seen fade away with time, or Christ who says ” I will never leave you  nor forsake you and I will be with you always.”