Watch and Pray

Looking over the mountains and seeing the barren trees, I still realize that I am a blessed man. I have the freedom to walk just about anywhere I please, and have the strength to breathe in sweet cool air, Wahoo!

   The Lord has, and still is teaching me so much while walking the fields and forest. Learning to look, listen and wait, being still and watching what can be seen and sensing that which is unseen. God has given us gifts and callings to serve Him with. He is educating each of us in His own special way, preparing us to watch and pray.

We are all planted in different areas and places to watch and pray over the nations, the cities, and the people. We are to be His watchmen, praying over the affairs of men, and against spiritual wickedness that works in the hearts of people who could be led astray.

   I once asked the Lord about a prayer I had prayed, and He gently put me in my place, saying, “You do the praying and I will do the answering.” That is what He desires all of us to do – get out of His way let Him work. His simple words, my friends, that He wants us to do are “only believe.” Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing