The Voice of God

The voice of God. I will try to describe it the best way I can. It’s like a feather floating lightly across the strings of my heart. It’s music that is put to words, as it moves, it stirs a love, an inner longing, and yet a joy in knowing that I belong to Him. As I write, there is sadness also, because I can still remember not responding to the call, putting it off as a thought or an impression. I believe everyone can relate to that.

  Listen closely, He may speak to us while doing the dishes, or in the woods, or field, and even in a room full of sounds of people talking or singing. Watch and listen. “Father we will listen; enlarge the ears of the inner man, and help us to become sensitive to your voice.”

   Once you have heard His voice, you will never be the same again. Please find a closet of prayer. He is always looking for someone to partner with, and continue being a blessing to others.


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