Every time I step into the forest I am amazed at the miracle of creation God has laid out before us. Every step, every single leaf, each tree, acorn, bird and deer. Everything, even the minute detail of the earth’s seedlings are unique in their makeup. Listen to the tinkling sound of water dropping down over the rocks. It’s like a miniature symphony playing heaven’s music for the listening ear. Watch the trees, for man doesn’t know the wind is coming, but the trees know, and they bow their heads as the wind passes by.

   Look up! The sky above is constantly changing right before our eyes. The clouds are changing  and sometimes look like brushes sweeping the darker clouds away to reveal the blue. The color of brilliant blue sky is like lakes and waters of heaven. Only from here below the waters reflect the trees and all the brilliance of heaven and the skies above the waters. All this we can behold with two miracle wonders called eyes that the Lord has blessed us with.

   There is so much to see, and wonders are in store for those that believe. Oh! What a loving Savior. Give onto the Lord a shout of praise and be blessed.


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