The Longing

Many years ago I sat in my chair late at night after my wife had gone to bed. Sitting there, I had been reading through the the book of Ezekiel. I was almost finished with the twenty second chapter. My reading stopped abruptly at verse thirty. I was transfixed in the reading and it was like a sword piercing my heart. I was broken by His words. The Lord had sought throughout the earth for a man to pray for the land and found none. I cried out in my heart,”Lord, help me to be that man.”

   I have prayed and sought the Lord for many years now and the longing is still as strong today as it was when I first started. Oh! I know there are people brighter and smarter and perhaps better than I, and that’s o.k.; but since I’ve come this far, I think I will just keep praying on.

   My desire and hope is that there are men and women out there that feel called to prayer and will pick up the mantle of prayer and remain faithful to God. Who knows, maybe you will be the one who has the prayer for revival that will save America. May God speed, and as you go, remain a blessing.



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