The Training Ground

All my life, and yours, has been a training camp. From doing dishes in the kitchen, running for endurance or playing sports. There is a purpose in doing all these things.  Not for a victory on the field, but winning is nice as long as we keep it in perspective. The training ground is not to the swift, but to those that learn to wait in silence.

  Only in silence can we learn to hear His voice. Find a waiting place away from the clamoring noise that can make it hard  to hear His soft voice. The practice of running now will serve us best in learning how to slow down the heart and quiet our breathing. Everything about our body must learn this quietness. Can we die to self and let God take control? I believe we all can with God’s help. The inner man is our true person. We learn to trust that inner voice, that touch of God that sometimes feels like an impression.

One important thing I learned about Christ in His word, is when He would look at someone. Only after looking for a moment  He would move with compassion and speak or touch. There are times we speak or touch too quickly. We must always walk by faith and trust the Holy Spirit, for His timing is always perfect. The most important part of this training is it must always line up with the word of God, no matter what we feel or think we hear. The bible and the Holy Spirit are the two wherein we obey and act by. There are so many things, but I skimmed over and just touched on a couple things. Thank you my brothers and sisters for bearing with me, and may God direct your footsteps and quicken your hearts for those things above. In His debt and service always, all praise and glory be unto Him.


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