Life Lessons

 One Sunday my wife and I visited a sister church and after hearing their guest preacher, I gave my life to Christ. Within me, changes were happening and I realized I needed more than what I was  getting at the church I was attending. We went searching for a church and a pastor that would teach me more than what I now had. Each time you grow and there is change, physically or spiritually, and there is pain in transition. It hurt to leave our church, but it took leaving to get to the next level in our walk with Christ.

     Being with these  new people, we were daily being sharpened and refined by the word and the great prayer meetings. It’s like taking a real hot shower and coming out all clean and refreshed, a renewing of the spirit. Even though there was pain in leaving the old, there is a healing of the heart and an excitement in looking forward to what God is going to do next. Always trust God in all things, for He knows where He wants to take us on each path and road in this journey. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing


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