Life Lessons ( Sound Advice )

The new church that we were now in, was only about a year old, meeting over a machine shop. One Sunday evening while sitting in the service during a time of prayer, the Lord showed me in my  spirit a problem a person was having in their life. I mentioned it to my new pastor and asked what I should do. He told me to just keep it to my heart and pray for them. That was sound advice, as I was a new christian, and if I had gone to this person I could have made matters worse. I’ve kept that advice always in my heart and try to teach it to others when I can. To gain a person’s trust, they need the confidence that what they share with me will not be told to anyone else. I’ve endeavored to keep that promise. That alone will draw people to you knowing their request will not go beyond you. Trust should always be one of the most important things among God’s people.

   Being a vessel of God’s, we are to build a person up, and never by word or deed, destroy them. The love of God is a precious gift. Give it away freely and be the blessing He is shaping us to be.


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