Life Lessons ( Pass the Plate )

If I don’t turn my head as time goes by, I’d probably get whip lash, events are changing so fast. We built a new church in the town we live in, actually it’s only a half mile from our home. Two portable buildings were placed on the church property, one behind the church and one across the street. I had a class of about twenty in one building, and teaching a class on prayer. Actually there was more praying going on than teaching. One Sunday morning in class we passed the plate for an offering. As it came back up front to me, I did something I had never done before or since. I believe and hoped that I was prompted by the Holy Spirit. I took the plate and said, “We need to take a better offering. If you don’t have any money, put something else in . Always give God something to work with, and see what He can do with a little bit.”

   A couple of weeks later, one young man in class spoke up to testify about what God did. “Gene, when you sent the plate back around and it came to me, all I had was a ball point pen. I put that in because I was out of work and the very next week I got a job.” Oh! We had a great time of giving thanks to God. Sometimes we all may not have a lot to give, but we need to give it with a purpose and a prayer. Little is much when placed in the master’s hands, and praise is always in season. You are loved. Now go out and be a blessing.


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