I remember a Saturday night in yet another new church that God had placed my wife and me. I had gone alone to church, and on arrival I made my way to the sanctuary where there were about fifteen people gathered. Pastor Rod, as always, opened our prayer time with praise and thanksgiving. He would sometimes call on different people to pray. The Holy Spirit was nudging me in my mind, body and hands. In my mind I kept thinking, I’ve got to lay hands on people. I was overwhelmed by this, knowing pastor would on me to pray, as led by the Spirit of God. As soon a he called on me, I was up and moving, just gently touching each person, praying for their needs or healing. As I passed by one young mother, I touched her neck and just whispered be healed. I never knew that she had a condition in that same area, but God knew and He did touch her. It wasn’t me who healed her, but it was all fifteen of us in agreement with God. Our prayers and touching her neck was what God used as a point of contact for Him to do His work. I have looked back over many years thinking about many other events that have transpired through God’s mercy. I have to give Him thanks, and honor my God who made it all possible. It’s not about me or you or anyone else. No one has to know who we are, just Christ alone needs to be seen. Each time He allows me to see Him working in a life I am humbled that He would allow me or any of us to take part in His great work. Lift Him high and He will draw all men to Himself.  I thank each of you for letting me be a part of your lives these last three years, and thank you WordPress for giving a platform to work from. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing


2 thoughts on “Humbled”

  1. Thanks for writing such a meaningful post. I especially like this line “No one has to know who we are, just Christ alone needs to be seen.” Thanks for the reminder. God bless you! Renee

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