My Friend

After almost forty seven years, I would like to talk about my dearest friend. He’s been closer to me than any brother or sister. There have been times when I’ve been down, He has picked me up. When I thought I had done a pretty good job, He would remind me that He had done the work. When I felt alone and had no one visit, He would come and be there for me.                                                                                         Once in a while He would have a project and He would ask if I would help, and since I was a novice He would watch me work and teach me as we worked together. Sometimes it would be just to encourage a person. Other times it was to be a comfort, or counsel, or pray for certain needs. Several times to bring a healing, by prayer or laying on hands. I learned many times a lengthy prayer was not needed, just one word was enough, and He, not I, did the healing.

  I never realized when He and I started this journey together that He would use me in so many different ways. When I think of the lives that have been changed, it’s been worth it all. I know I’ll never be the same again. I pray that every time He speaks, I will choose to follow Him. There have been times when I get antsy about doing something. He just waits, and the waiting is teaching me patience, and to just keep walking by faith.

  This is my friend I want everyone to know. Holy Spirit, these are my friends I write to, and I hope they will continue to allow us to be a part of their lives. We love all of you, and may God’s grace rest upon you always. Go and Be a Blessing and Remain Blessed.



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