I believe praise opens the windows of heaven so prayer can soar right on into the throne of God. He sees it and hears it’s cry by the blood of His only son, Christ Jesus. Only then does He pick up to read and confer with our intercessor, Lord Jesus.

    Prayer comes with a price if you are willing to submit everything to God and follow only Him. The school of prayer is always in session, and you are in a class of one. All students have their own private closet to live in which has enough space for you and your instructor, the Holy Spirit. The hours may be short or could be quite long, even days, weeks, months or years. Please begin to prepare and strengthen your mind by reading  His word and putting on the full armor of God as instructed in His Holy book.

   There are benefits which help and strengthen you on this journey as you learn about the intercessory life. You were once called new convert and Christian, but He desires to know you better. In your room of prayer He, the King of Glory, the God of all creation, will come and talk with you. He may call you friend, and He will have the Holy Spirit teach you how to travel through the world in prayer. There is no need for a phone or computer because you will have direct access to the throne. The farther you travel with Him to deeper depths of prayer, there are spiritual treasures to be found. He alone can take you there, but very few desire to go to those different regions of prayer.

   Beware as you walk through this world to keep your heart centered on Christ, for many are the temptations that will try to take you off  the straight path you are called to travel. Trust and obey for it is the straight way. Watch as you go, and it may be His will that we meet and break bread together. Be of good cheer and be blessed my friends.


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