The Act of Silence

Thee are several ways we try to show our love and devotion to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Some worry about praying to God, or should I pray to Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you, they are not offended in any way, for all three are equal, even as your prayer, song or testimony, to show love and devotion, because all of  these are the same. Now there is another and very important way to be with God, and that is through silence. What do I mean? Well, in today’s society, a lot of people say, silence is a waste and you have to be busy. Some business is good, but the devil will also use being busy to keep people from getting close to God.

   Silence has motion, and when we move into silence to draw near to God, it becomes an active action. Waiting in silence can and will sift out weakness and can produce a strength and an inner awareness of God moving in our lives, which brings a peace that only comes from God. Listen to silence, go ahead and embrace it, with practice, in the quiet moment of time, out of the deep, when God is ready, He may give you a word. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing


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