The Act of Silence (part2)

Silence is very fragile. Speaking a word can shatter the silence and take us out of His presence. Take heart, our God loves tenacity in His children. Silence is a place within your spirit you are building. The construction of silence in your inner man takes time to build. On this building site the inner room takes a lot of construction material, integrity, honesty, love and forgiveness. Even while the room is coming together a sense of peace fills this inner sanctuary. All of this would not be possible without a key ingredient,”welcome,” which is needed in every phase of life and its preparation. Well, my guest has been waiting a long time for this room, and since I’ve given my life to Him, all I can say is, “Thank you Holy Spirit for waiting, and welcome to your room I’ve tried to prepare for you. Any changes in this room that you see need cleaning to make it better, I yield to your wisdom.” Have you made a room for Him? If not, He is willing to help you for after all, He is a master carpenter. Be Blessed as you yield to Him.


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