My thoughts bring me back to my name, and who I am, and what I want to be. Many well meaning people, innocently, instead of using a person’s name, attach titles to them instead. I’ve heard a few names like faith healer, prayer warrior, intercessor, burden bearer. All of these are good names. To be honest and a little scared, I cringe when I am called something, because lurking  behind each of these names is the spirit of pride, always beckoning  me, or any other person, to take hold of this pride and wear it like a mantle for all to see.

   God says in His word to walk humbly before Him, and also that the meek shall inherit the earth. I never asked, seek or wanted to be seen. If the Lord would allow me to walk among the meek, I would be so thankful and honored. I would be a rich happy man if He would allow me to continue praying for and with people. There is no greater joy than to see and hear people praising and thanking God for working in their lives. Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. In the meantime, keep serving Him and be blessed.


Silent Cry

     I wonder where my steps will lead me as I walk along the way,                                                                                                                 Thinking about the places I’ve been and the times we stopped to pray.                                                                                        My heart hears the struggles of those in far off places            Feeling their doubts and fear and seeing their tear stained faces.                                                                                                              Why do I feel the pain of so many and can only give a silent cry ?                                                                                                                 Why at times do I feel so alone, even with so many walking all about?                                                                                                      I pray for Holy Ghost revival, to hear a shout of praise and Jesus glorified,                                                                                           To see Him move among the people and to see Him satisfied.                                                                                                       I long to hear the sound of prayer in churches, echoing up to heaven.                                                                                                    Let us pray until faith becomes sight,                                              And as we wait, take hope, for God gives a song in the night.