The door of Opportunity

Dad, why did you measure that board and then cut it at an angle? As boy, I was always asking dad everything, and he would take time to listen. Dad and mom are gone now, and it hit me pretty hard when mom died. All at once I realized I was alone in my heart, even though I’m married to a wonderful wife, and I’m sure she had similar feelings when her parents passed on.

  Now that Christ has accepted me as His adopted son, I now have a father I can go to and talk about anything, and He listens to me. He hears my words, and listens to my heart, and with love and wisdom, He answers me. It is not always what I want to hear, but it is always what I need. I so dearly want everyone to know that when God accepts you, He has because of what Jesus did on Calvary – given each one of us an open door into His throne. I take being His adopted son seriously, and the responsibility of praying for all people is what I’m called to. I may not be the most articulate at praying, but I’m trying to give Him my all.

  The door is open and His invitation is to all who will accept Him as their Saviour. He is waiting to receive all who are willing. He has a position and calling for everyone to serve. I would take this offer if I were you. It’s the best one you will ever get. Talk to you later my friends, I can’t wait to hear what God has next for me to do. In the meantime, be blessed and a blessing.


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