Know Your Adversary

Growing up I have always enjoyed hunting large and small game. Summertime you could usually find me out in the fields hunting groundhogs. Using a rifle, some shots were fairly long while others were taken close up. I had a friend with me one day when I spied a groundhog a little ways off, and I told him we could walk up on that groundhog, and he said, “You’ve got to be kidding.” I told him it could be done because, unlike deer and most other animals, a groundhog’s eyes are set in their head and they can’t rotate like most other animals. Get behind me and we will walk closer to him. Now when his nose is pointed at us, we can walk, but when he turns his head with his eye toward us, stop and stand still, because he can spot movement real easy. Sure enough, we were able to get fairly close and it was fun to see my friend get excited. This alone made the trip worthwhile.

  Now there is an adversary, the devil, that is really dangerous to everyone’s well being. He is a liar and the father of all lies, and he uses every lie and deceptive means to get what he wants. He will try to ruin your witness and salvation. He works through people, unbeknownst to themselves, who may say or do something they didn’t mean to do. He tries to bring down as many people as he can. The spirit of pride is used more often than any other tool the devil possesses. Everybody can fall victim – a person may get a job you think you deserve, another person  might sing in church in your place, and what about the piano, well maybe you can play better than they. These are just a few deceiving lies that could ruin your witness. Beware of these and the devil’s own lies. Defeat him by using what he meant for bad and turn it to good. How? By prayer, perhaps like this,”Lord, I thank you that the other guy got the job. He’s a good man. Give him favor and bless him in this new position, or she can really sing  and please anoint her singing. Use her songs to convict and draw souls to you.” When the occasion arises, pray for others and esteem others above yourself. Pray with all prayers and plead the power of Jesus blood and praise God in all things. Be blessed as you watch and pray.


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