Learning Our Position

Man has always struggled to be the leader, be seen, praised, and have recognition. Men and women in today’s age want position. The one position all mankind needs is on one’s knees, but it’s a position no one wants to employ, much to their own demise.                                    Men or women will find no greater position than on their knees. The heights cannot be attained except by climbing on one’s knees. You will never get the recognition without the kneeling position. The greatest audience you will ever have in this life or the one to come is the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and only then on bent knee.                                        From the pulpit to the pew, everyone has to learn their position in a broken and contrite spirit, humbly giving our hearts to God, and that is only learned on our knees at the feet of Jesus. Love so splendid, love so divine, and we have the opportunity to give Him all of our love.


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