In The Room

I left home early Sunday morning, excited and anticipating meeting with my Lord. As I drove down the road trying not to speed, I told the Lord, ” I’m coming Father, I’m coming.” I kept on letting Him know I was on my way. When I entered the room of prayer, the glory and presence of my Lord filled the place. I began to praise and worship Him. From worship the Lord took me with Himself and would tell me for whom I should pray. He and I prayed for the nations, church, and people, for their salvation, healing, and for people to be spiritually hungry. My friends, we all should strive to have a place to meet God. Meet Him in closet or bedroom, in the woods or church. The main thing is to be consistent in being at your place of prayer. He! the Lord is waiting for all who will meet with Him. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


My Simple Life In Prayer

The first time I heard the inner voice of the Holy Spirit was in a Methodist church. Their visiting speaker had just finished his portrayal of the Sermon on the Mount. As he was leaving the platform, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said this may be your last chance. Quickly I responded to Him and went to the alter and asked His forgiveness. My life since then has never been the same. I’m not a scholar or any kind of a learned man, and I am thankful to these men, for they have helped many in their walk in Christ. A simple man I am and this is my station in life. I’ve not been writing any these past few weeks simply because I’ve been waiting on God to show me how to proceed. I’ve known that I’m supposed to write about prayer. The question is in what way. Many books have been written on prayer. How to pray, methods of prayer, positions to pray in, and many other titles. God doesn’t want me to go that way. Many things that I would say you’ve heard many times before. I’m simply going to try and write about some of the quite times my Lord and I have spent together. Some stories may seem boring or not of consequence. To me the most exciting time of my life is speaking to the maker of all the universe, which to me, is no small thing. So please bear  with me as I attempt to obey God.

God’s Interpretation

Walking down the corridor on the second floor of our church on a Sunday morning, I was stopped by a young child. This child looked up into my face and spoke these words that I will never forget. Mr. Holstein, will you pray for my daddy to get saved, and I said yes I will., Those words reverberated through my entire system and I was changed and am still being changed daily in ways beyond my understanding. I promptly walked back downstairs seeking an empty room to pray for this child’s daddy. I found the room I needed and entering, I shut the door and fell to the floor and tried to pray but all I could do was groan  and the groaning was from deep within my spirit. I stayed in the presence of God until the groaning in prayer had ceased. The answer to this prayer did not come for several years, but when it did, the daddy’s salvation was completed. There are times in prayer that words are not needed. In those times let the tears, or groaning, be the avenue of prayer. These two words, tears and groaning, are what God desires and are two of the things that move God to answer these heart felt requests. Be Blessed and Be a Blessing.


Finishing my mail route an hour early I decided to stop by and see an old couple  on my way back to the post office.  As we met at the front door, they were so glad to see me, and I them. Going into the living room we began to share events that had transpired since we had last seen each other. While sitting and talking together another couple came in that were close friends of theirs. I was introduced to them and we all sat down to share together. I began to share with them and God got me into the area of marriage. Sharing on loving and forgiving each other. I shared with them that when they went to bed together, they should wrap their arms around their mate and pray for each other. Husbands and wives can reconcile differences just by doing this simple act and it brings forgiveness in both parties. After their friends left, this old couple told me this was the very problem this couple was having. Being newly married they were already quarreling some. Praise the Lord who always comes on time. He who loves much, forgives much. Be sure to salt all things with a measure of grace. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

new class

I had been meeting in pastor’s office for a few weeks with five or six people and the Lord was really helping us in prayer. In a church service one Sunday morning pastor announced that Gene was going to teach on prayer, but it was basically going to be mostly praying, in one the portable buildings. Our first few weeks there we were running about twenty-five people in the class. One Sunday morning after taking up our class offering I was led to send the offering plate back around again. I encouraged them that God wanted everyone to participate in giving. “Everyone has something to give, if not money, a pen, button or something, but give.” God wants us to give from the heart, and if we have a need, then give something as a seed to meet that need. God needs something to work with to produce an answer for the need. One young man came to me a few weeks later and told me that he had put in the offering his favorite pen as a seed because he needed a job. He told me that God had opened a door to a new job, and wanted to share the good news. We were so happy and were rejoicing together in the Lord. Only God can do these great wonders, far exceeding what we can ever ask or think. In Christ, Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


Feelings or Holy Spirit

After praying alone in our church’s auxiliary building across the street, I walked back over to our main sanctuary. Pastor was already standing behind the pulpit. As I moved up front toward an empty seat, pastor looked up at me as I started to sit down. Pastor exclaimed,  “The anointing is all over Gene.” He called me over in front of the pulpit. I don’t remember the exact words he spoke, but it was two different phrases. He instructed me to go around the sanctuary touching people and to speak one of the phrases as I was led. I began to move around speaking a word over the people by faith, because I did not feel the anointing. Moving upstairs and going through the balcony, I glanced down at one young man and he turned his head down as I looked at him. I went on out of the door of the balcony, down the corridor and back into the sanctuary. As I passed one business man who was standing next to his chair against the wall, I touched his forehead and spoke a word and then proceeded to my chair. I don’t know what happened to the people that night, but the business man spoke to me the following Sunday said that the power of God went through him, and if it had not been for the wall he would have fallen down. The boy’s mother spoke to me also, and her son told her that he knew if I touched him he would have to get saved. It’s years later and I believe that same boy his now saved and also preaching the gospel. Glory to God! God did all this work that I am writing about and I was just a vessel to be used, and I am glad I obeyed God and my pastor. Do not trust feelings for they have a way of miss guiding us. Always walk by faith for this is God’s way and He is pleased when we do so. Trust and obey for there is no other way! Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

Class Interpretation

After praying alone for for many months in pastor’s office, pastor announced in church that I was praying in his office. During Sunday school, anyone who wanted to join me was welcome to do so. The next Sunday about four or five came in and I was thrilled to see them because those who came were seasoned veterans in prayer. During prayer a dear brother close to me began to speak in tongues and the startling part was I understood what he was saying. The Holy Spirit was giving me the interpretation of what was said, and I wrote it down on a sheet of paper. A few moments later a lady began to speak in tongues and the words were a little different but the gist of the message was on the same subject. Where two or three come together and pray agreeing, God will do something and move in their behalf. I thank the Holy Spirit for allowing me to participate with Him in this class. Without the Holy Spirit nothing that’s worthwhile will ever be accomplished. I’m glad that He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.