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I will not write about my life before Christ. That is past and a new life has emerged with a full pardon. I received His word from front to the back, accepting His instructions and promises. Christ said everything I’ve done, you can do also, and I say “yes.” He said in Galatians that I can walk in the Spirit day by day, moment by moment, and I say “yes.”

The walk for the last forty-six years, have been the most exciting years up until now. There are greater things to come because the Holy Spirit is my witness, friend and guide. Some say the church is not relevant any more and time has past her by. Forgive them for they have never known Christ. The same said Christ was dead, but on the third day He rose from the grave and after being seen by more then five hundred, He ascended back to His Father.

The church is alive and well and the gates of hell shall not prevail. I was once told I wouldn’t be satisfied anywhere, and I’m not, but I am satisfied walking in the Spirit, in intercession with Him. He is the friend I’ve always wanted and needed. Seek God and be blessed.



I believe praise opens the windows of heaven so prayer can soar right on into the throne of God. He sees it and hears it’s cry by the blood of His only son, Christ Jesus. Only then does He pick up to read and confer with our intercessor, Lord Jesus.

    Prayer comes with a price if you are willing to submit everything to God and follow only Him. The school of prayer is always in session, and you are in a class of one. All students have their own private closet to live in which has enough space for you and your instructor, the Holy Spirit. The hours may be short or could be quite long, even days, weeks, months or years. Please begin to prepare and strengthen your mind by reading  His word and putting on the full armor of God as instructed in His Holy book.

   There are benefits which help and strengthen you on this journey as you learn about the intercessory life. You were once called new convert and Christian, but He desires to know you better. In your room of prayer He, the King of Glory, the God of all creation, will come and talk with you. He may call you friend, and He will have the Holy Spirit teach you how to travel through the world in prayer. There is no need for a phone or computer because you will have direct access to the throne. The farther you travel with Him to deeper depths of prayer, there are spiritual treasures to be found. He alone can take you there, but very few desire to go to those different regions of prayer.

   Beware as you walk through this world to keep your heart centered on Christ, for many are the temptations that will try to take you off  the straight path you are called to travel. Trust and obey for it is the straight way. Watch as you go, and it may be His will that we meet and break bread together. Be of good cheer and be blessed my friends.

new class

I had been meeting in pastor’s office for a few weeks with five or six people and the Lord was really helping us in prayer. In a church service one Sunday morning pastor announced that Gene was going to teach on prayer, but it was basically going to be mostly praying, in one the portable buildings. Our first few weeks there we were running about twenty-five people in the class. One Sunday morning after taking up our class offering I was led to send the offering plate back around again. I encouraged them that God wanted everyone to participate in giving. “Everyone has something to give, if not money, a pen, button or something, but give.” God wants us to give from the heart, and if we have a need, then give something as a seed to meet that need. God needs something to work with to produce an answer for the need. One young man came to me a few weeks later and told me that he had put in the offering his favorite pen as a seed because he needed a job. He told me that God had opened a door to a new job, and wanted to share the good news. We were so happy and were rejoicing together in the Lord. Only God can do these great wonders, far exceeding what we can ever ask or think. In Christ, Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


A different Direction

Moving to my hometown was a great move for our church, where new people were added to the church daily. We, as a church, decided to buy an old bar across the street. After completely stripping everything out on the inside we renovated the entire building. Two large rooms and a full kitchen on the main floor. Upstairs, pastor finally had an office and we added a missionary room and a large prayer room. The first Sunday in this building the downstairs area was used for classrooms. We decided to go to the back room where the associate pastor was going to teach. As my wife and I stepped into the room to find a seat, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said come pray with me. So I told my wife that I was going upstairs to pray. The next Sunday, going to class, the Holy Spirit spoke the same words to me again, and again  I left my wife and went upstairs to pray alone. After that there was no turning back. My life was changing and I met with the Holy Spirit to pray and to learn how to pray. This is one class you never graduate from, because learning to pray is a lifetime endeavor. Giving into God’s will and purpose is what we need to do, and in doing so life will never be the same. Praise the Father, Son and Holy Ghost!