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The Holy Fire Within

There have, over the years, been many misconceptions spoken about my dearest friend the Holy Spirit, that He is not real and doesn’t exist. Until we cast aside all those erroneous words spoken about Him, we will never have the freedom and power that He has for us. So right here I am going to share just a tidbit about what I’ve learned about the Holy Spirit as we have walked together.

    Jesus said I will send you another comforter, and He is indeed that. With His comforting, a sense of peace comes over all of us when needed. The promise of Christ, that he’ll never leave nor forsake you is fulfilled in the Holy Spirit who comes to live inside each of us. When we pray, He helps us to pray. When all we can do is weep, He will interpret our tears that are from the heart. His voice speaks within us, what to say, to do, and where to go. How? Listen to the spirit within.

   He is my dearest friend, and I can do nothing without Him. He is my breath and heart beat. The things I’ve described are so few it would take a lifetime to try and tell all that He is, and more than I can fathom. So to all those in churchdom, who have said, “I don’t believe in the Holy Spirit,” do not know Christ and have never known Christ. Now is a good time to repent of those spoken words. I speak this out of love for all, but would  be amiss to ignore the fire of the Spirit within.


Flowing Streams

Prayer is a matter of recourse. It’s a natural happening that comes forth when we open our mouths to speak. Out of the heart flows a river of life, praise, blessings, healing or intercession. In response to the heart the mouth opens to declare the thoughts and intent of the heart. Lean not to our own understanding, less we waver. Walking by faith is the only way to please God.     Every person of prayer is very unique. Each stream that flows through the spiritual man may flow differently in each of us, but as we look back up stream to the head waters, we see the Savior, and He is the artisan well that never runs dry. Make time to be holy, put on the whole armor of God daily and our princely robes signifying we are the children of God, adopted but joint heirs. These thoughts and deeds give us strength for spiritual warfare in prayer. Let us give our Lord our praise before all things, for our worship strengthens us and weakens our enemy. Unto God be glory for ever and ever.

Prayer Alone

I thank God that He made a doorway to heaven that prayers have access to go through. Taking prayer before God is a command, an honor, and a humbling experience. Prayer does not change God, but it changes me. The more I go to God in prayer, the more I desire to be in His presence. Without prayer nothing changes, but with prayer all things are possible. God’s word says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

   His word, when obeyed, is the instrument in our mouth. When it is loosed it opens heaven’s power to do what we can’t, the impossible. All this hinges on “can we?” Will we humble ourselves, seek His face, turn from our wicked ways? Only then will God lean down and listen, forgive our sin and heal our land.

How do we pray? Can we hear the crying, see the hungry, touch the sick? This is a good place to start praying. Can we look at our churches that are half empty, and see some closing their doors, and not have a burning fire in our hearts to cry out. Choose to live at Jesus feet. When our tears touch His feet, His heart will answer our need, but it’s by prayer alone.


The Voice

The really first time I heard His voice was when I was visiting another church. Sitting toward the back, I heard the “sermon on the mount,” and as the minister was leaving the stage, the Holy Spirit said to me, this may be your last chance. I leaped out of the pew and made my way to the altar, and gave my life to Christ.

  Only one time was His voice loud, and that was while I was singing praises to my God, and He said, “You will have another child.” Immediately after work I told my wife what the Lord had said. After two miscarriages, that word was a God-send, and we did have another child. She was our third and last. I have heard His voice many times, but remember my friends, this is over a forty seven year period.  I don’t believe He gives us a word every few seconds. I’m saying this because I don’t want people going crazy thinking they can hear voices all the time.

  He can speak to each person in the way their hearing understands, because we all listen differently. Just make sure it lines up with the word of God. His voice is like no other to me. It’s quiet and so soft that it’s almost a whisper. He can brush across the heart so lightly, yet it might feel like a jolt. The sound of love is in His voice. It brings  calm and yet a confidence that I hear. We know His voice can speak healing to His child, and yet those that war against Him know His wrath. His voice is so wonderful that when you hear it you want to draw even closer to Him to hear it again.

  He says try me, test me, know me by my word, and know that I am the living God, and that there is no other. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing

Know Your Adversary

Growing up I have always enjoyed hunting large and small game. Summertime you could usually find me out in the fields hunting groundhogs. Using a rifle, some shots were fairly long while others were taken close up. I had a friend with me one day when I spied a groundhog a little ways off, and I told him we could walk up on that groundhog, and he said, “You’ve got to be kidding.” I told him it could be done because, unlike deer and most other animals, a groundhog’s eyes are set in their head and they can’t rotate like most other animals. Get behind me and we will walk closer to him. Now when his nose is pointed at us, we can walk, but when he turns his head with his eye toward us, stop and stand still, because he can spot movement real easy. Sure enough, we were able to get fairly close and it was fun to see my friend get excited. This alone made the trip worthwhile.

  Now there is an adversary, the devil, that is really dangerous to everyone’s well being. He is a liar and the father of all lies, and he uses every lie and deceptive means to get what he wants. He will try to ruin your witness and salvation. He works through people, unbeknownst to themselves, who may say or do something they didn’t mean to do. He tries to bring down as many people as he can. The spirit of pride is used more often than any other tool the devil possesses. Everybody can fall victim – a person may get a job you think you deserve, another person  might sing in church in your place, and what about the piano, well maybe you can play better than they. These are just a few deceiving lies that could ruin your witness. Beware of these and the devil’s own lies. Defeat him by using what he meant for bad and turn it to good. How? By prayer, perhaps like this,”Lord, I thank you that the other guy got the job. He’s a good man. Give him favor and bless him in this new position, or she can really sing  and please anoint her singing. Use her songs to convict and draw souls to you.” When the occasion arises, pray for others and esteem others above yourself. Pray with all prayers and plead the power of Jesus blood and praise God in all things. Be blessed as you watch and pray.

Spoken Well

Sunday morning as I waited in the foyer my wife, I overheard a person talking about this young couple. They had been married for a few years and were hoping to have a child and yet had none. I took that need to heart and began to pray to the Lord that He would give them the desire of their heart. A few weeks went by and hearing no more about this young couple, I continued to pray by faith, believing God. One Sunday morning, walking around in back of the sanctuary, a strong anointing rose up inside of me for this couple. I knew I was to put a question to the husband, hoping and praying he would give the right answer.

   As God would have it, the husband walked right in front of me, “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?” He said sure, I asked him, “If you could have anything in this world, what would you desire more than anything?” He said a baby.” “You have said the right word, you shall have a child as you have spoken.” I have never spoken like that to a person in my life. Concern about what I had just said never entered my mind because I knew God was working through His Holy Spirit. Well, that young couple moved out of state shortly after that, and I never saw them again for several months.

  One morning walking into the foyer, a lady in our church came up to me smiling and said so and so has come to visit and wants to see you. I walked into the sanctuary to find them, and turning to look around, there she stood in front of me. “It’s good to see you.” She blurts out with a big smile, “I’m pregnant!” Well I praised God, for there is no other that can give such a miracle but our God. I still give God the praise, and once in a while, looking at Facebook, I now see they have two children. All I can say is, trust God and lean not on our own understanding. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

Feelings or Holy Spirit

After praying alone in our church’s auxiliary building across the street, I walked back over to our main sanctuary. Pastor was already standing behind the pulpit. As I moved up front toward an empty seat, pastor looked up at me as I started to sit down. Pastor exclaimed,  “The anointing is all over Gene.” He called me over in front of the pulpit. I don’t remember the exact words he spoke, but it was two different phrases. He instructed me to go around the sanctuary touching people and to speak one of the phrases as I was led. I began to move around speaking a word over the people by faith, because I did not feel the anointing. Moving upstairs and going through the balcony, I glanced down at one young man and he turned his head down as I looked at him. I went on out of the door of the balcony, down the corridor and back into the sanctuary. As I passed one business man who was standing next to his chair against the wall, I touched his forehead and spoke a word and then proceeded to my chair. I don’t know what happened to the people that night, but the business man spoke to me the following Sunday said that the power of God went through him, and if it had not been for the wall he would have fallen down. The boy’s mother spoke to me also, and her son told her that he knew if I touched him he would have to get saved. It’s years later and I believe that same boy his now saved and also preaching the gospel. Glory to God! God did all this work that I am writing about and I was just a vessel to be used, and I am glad I obeyed God and my pastor. Do not trust feelings for they have a way of miss guiding us. Always walk by faith for this is God’s way and He is pleased when we do so. Trust and obey for there is no other way! Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.