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My brothers and sisters who are striving to follow Christ, yet have come to a place in your lives where it seems nothing is happening. When you pray, it seems like your prayers are going nowhere. You don’t hear His voice, feel His touch, and you feel He is nowhere to be found. We think heaven is shut up, and we are in an empty, desolate place and feel dry inside.                                      Take heart. He has never left you nor forsaken you. This is His promise to us. When we think God is a long way off, that is when He is closest to us, probably looking right in our eyes to see how we are going to handle this situation. Now is the time to give praises and thanks, and a prayer offering. No one needs to know how you feel, so let your face shine and have praise upon your lips. Allow this time to be your encouragement to others.                                                                   “Thank you Lord for this empty, desolate place. I know you have set me aside for yourself. You have promised me you would never leave me, so I thank you for this testing.” Remember, this trial is a sign of great love for His children . Why? These trials and testings happen to give us wisdom, and knowledge, and in the end gain understanding. So great a love can only come from our heavenly Father. Let’s take these treasures and use them to help another hungry brother or sister along life’s journey. Be blessed and keep looking up.