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Just A Little Walk

He is always there in our usual place, patiently waiting to take our walk together. Walking slowly, I wait to see if He wants to talk or just enjoy the silence. Stay close to Him so you may hear His voice. God is not on any time schedule, just enjoy His presence and let your relationship build on trust. Are you willing to take just a little walk with my Lord? He really enjoys these walks, maybe more then we do. Until our next appointed time, be blessed.


Wait and Trust

There were times as a little boy, I had gone hunting with dad, he would say to me,”I’m going over here a ways and I’ll be back in a little while.” I was never worried at any time because I knew I could trust dad. Dad was always there for me.

   I’ve gone through a lot of stuff over the years, and these are things everyone goes through. What God wants is a people who will trust Him all the time, and that is the place where we learn to wait. Time is the pressure button that tempts us to try and work out things by ourselves. Be clear on this one thing, I said time is the button, not God, for God tempts no man. The Holy Spirit is always with us,  and  that is where trust comes in, and trusting is what helps us to wait. Troubles, trials, and sorrows and joy – it does not matter. He is always there with us, and in those times is when we need to remember the words, rejoice and again I say rejoice!

 There have been more than a few times I have felt all alone, and my mind tries to tell me it’s no use going on, that God is a million miles away. Yet I have learned at that  moment in time, God is closer to me than ever before. His word says,”I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.” The battles we all face are fought between the ears. The mind is the battle ground where victories are won or lost. Wait on the Holy Spirit, allow Him time to move people, to open doors or shut them. Be blessed as you learn to wait in the school of trusting. Oh! One more thing, there is no graduation from this school. We hopefully will learn what He teaches and one day hear Him say, “Well done, my child.” Those words will be worth it all.

Midnight Hour

Waiting as the time nears, the midnight hour is a challenge to mind and body. The mind is tempted to drop it’s guard as the body grows tired. Is it worth the waiting? Yes. A few times at night  the Lord comes to whisper to my heart of things much larger than I. So He gives me little things to do to test my obedience. I have failed many times and my heart cries out for another chance. There are so many people hoping in America and  around the world, that there is someone praying for them. When tired or weary, these  weigh upon me, and yet these are the very things that help me get up and keep praying. Can I lie down and trust that someone else is praying while I sleep at my post? I will not and cannot abandon my post, knowing it has been entrusted to me.

  Will you pray with me for just a little while? God can do so much, even if our prayers seem small. Remember, God can create great things out of our faintest prayers. Will you join me in whatever hour you choose? Our Lord is waiting. We don’t want to disappoint Him, do we? “Lord we are coming; abide with us and teach us to pray. You are so strong, so hold up our arms lest we faint in the midst of the battle. In Jesus name, I give you the praise for answering. Amen.”


The Fly

It was a hot summer afternoon and the kids were playing in another room. My wife was getting supper ready and putting the food on the table. “Suppers ready,” my wife called out, and the kids came running. This is one time you never have to call children twice because they are always hungry. We each took our chair, sitting in our proper places. Holding each others hands, I prayed thanking God for all His many blessings. We were passing the plates of food around when my wife all of a sudden spoke,”Honey, there is a fly in the house. Get the fly swatter and kill that fly.” I said, “No, I won’t need the fly swatter.” Now this was many years ago and I don’t remember what prompted me to do what I did. I stuck my pointer finger straight out and said, “Fly, land,” and the fly came and lit right smack dab on that finger. I got up from the table, walked over to the screen door, opened it and said,”Go.” The fly flew outside, and I walked back to the table and sat down.

   My wife and kids were sitting there dumbfounded, with big eyes and open mouths. It’s a good thing there weren’t anymore flies in the house, because they would have drawn them in. I don’t know why the Lord did that, but it sure made an impression on our family, and helped build up my faith, as I was a new Christian in the walk with Christ. I’ve never forgotten those moments, knowing it was a special time in my life. I know it sounds crazy, but it is what it is. God has been good to me over the years, and He has demonstrated many things, and I just marvel at His love and mercy toward me and my family. Praise be to His glorious  and wonderful name. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


Spoken Well

Sunday morning as I waited in the foyer my wife, I overheard a person talking about this young couple. They had been married for a few years and were hoping to have a child and yet had none. I took that need to heart and began to pray to the Lord that He would give them the desire of their heart. A few weeks went by and hearing no more about this young couple, I continued to pray by faith, believing God. One Sunday morning, walking around in back of the sanctuary, a strong anointing rose up inside of me for this couple. I knew I was to put a question to the husband, hoping and praying he would give the right answer.

   As God would have it, the husband walked right in front of me, “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?” He said sure, I asked him, “If you could have anything in this world, what would you desire more than anything?” He said a baby.” “You have said the right word, you shall have a child as you have spoken.” I have never spoken like that to a person in my life. Concern about what I had just said never entered my mind because I knew God was working through His Holy Spirit. Well, that young couple moved out of state shortly after that, and I never saw them again for several months.

  One morning walking into the foyer, a lady in our church came up to me smiling and said so and so has come to visit and wants to see you. I walked into the sanctuary to find them, and turning to look around, there she stood in front of me. “It’s good to see you.” She blurts out with a big smile, “I’m pregnant!” Well I praised God, for there is no other that can give such a miracle but our God. I still give God the praise, and once in a while, looking at Facebook, I now see they have two children. All I can say is, trust God and lean not on our own understanding. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


“Dad, I want a ball glove and I want a bicycle for Christmas.” Remember asking for those things, or how about, ” I want an ice cream cone” does that ring any bells. I thought so. I said that word want when I was a kid and even a teen.  As a late teen and going on twenty I don’t think I used that word anymore. I never had much money so I had to begin thinking through about what I needed or was it just something I wanted. Changing my way of thinking saved me a lot of money and disappointment, and made straight my path for the future.

Ps. 23:1 says ” the Lord is my Shepard I shall not want. : That says it all. I am satisfied God will meet my every need and if there is anything else He will see to it that I lack no good thing. Oh! I still mess up once in a while, but He helps get my bearings straight again and get me back on course.

I contemplate about what is my greatest need and the answer comes to me simply,  to be like Christ. That one answer means it will cost me everything but it is worth it all.

   Consider all that you have bought and lost, or friends you’ve have or had, or places you have been. Are you still in the wanting stage of life or do you begin to see there is a greater need in your life. Consider the cost, is it worth having things of this world that you have seen fade away with time, or Christ who says ” I will never leave you  nor forsake you and I will be with you always.”


Walking On the Fire

Sometimes God will give you a word and no matter if it’s for the future, the word sometimes comes from events of the past. The  word I received  was a”fire” and it came through a friend in our bible study.  She was talking about Africa where the people in most locals had to cook over an open fire.

When I heard the word fire, it brought a happening up out of the past, afresh in my spirit. My wife and I had only been married a few short years. Sitting at home my wife told me that she had been talking on the phone to her friend whom she had not seen for many years. Her friend was now married and living in upper Pennsylvania and they wanted to see each other again, and so they made plans for us to visit them.

After driving from our home in West Virginia for several hours we finally arrived at their home and planned to stay about three days. One morning everyone wanted to go to a local park and have a picnic. On arrival we located a nice area that had a few empty tables and set up our food. We were  having a great time of sharing  stories and my wife spoke of funny things that happened in their childhood. This precious couple had two beautiful little girls and while we were talking, the two girls were playing around one of the other empty picnic tables. One of their daughters, in playing, stepped on some coals laying on the ground.  Someone earlier in the day had poured out the hot coals on the ground. As the daughter stepped on the coals she cried out in great pain.  All of us leaped over to her picking her up, and her daddy put her foot in the ice chest to help lessen the pain. I began quietly to ask God to work a miracle and not let her little foot be scarred. We all rushed her to the hospital. After about twenty minutes the doctor came over to us and said he could not find anything wrong with her foot. Her foot was completely free of any pain and there was no sign of any kind of burn. Praise the Lord! He answered the prayer exceedingly beyond what I had even asked. Glory to His wonderful name. May the good Lord help us all to always be watching and praying in season or out. His works are far too numerous for my feeble words. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.