Hear My Son

Hear my son, I’ve called you for the task; listen and obey is all that I will ask.                                                             I design you to pray and pray alone, so continue at this place until the work is done.                                                      Listen closely. Hear my voice. Lean on me, and open your eyes that you may see.                                                        Hear my son, make quiet your heart. Follow my footsteps, and know that I am God.                                          Be still my son. This is the path you must walk. See my face as you walk this way.                                                            My son, harken to Jesus and the Holy Spirit for this may be the very day.                                                                               Hear my son and pray without ceasing. Pray oft in the Spirit.



We perform this exercise every day of our lives and seemingly give no thought to it because it’s normal. Think about it right now, take a breath in, release, breathe out. Which one was easier? In or out, you say both are equal, and that is right.                                              Think about it. Our breathing in receives life, and our breathing out gives life, and it should be the standard for every christian. God breathed into us and we became a living soul. Every breath should be considered holy, a praise, a word of comfort, of healing, peace, and a blessing.                                                                    Are we doing this every day? Is our breath at church spent on stories, hobbies, and other trivia? The thing to ask ourselves, is are we speaking life. If not, why not? God gave us life to use it for others. He gave us the authority to speak Jesus’ name. Let’s begin to use the measure of faith He’s given us to bring glory to His holy name.


My brothers and sisters who are striving to follow Christ, yet have come to a place in your lives where it seems nothing is happening. When you pray, it seems like your prayers are going nowhere. You don’t hear His voice, feel His touch, and you feel He is nowhere to be found. We think heaven is shut up, and we are in an empty, desolate place and feel dry inside.                                      Take heart. He has never left you nor forsaken you. This is His promise to us. When we think God is a long way off, that is when He is closest to us, probably looking right in our eyes to see how we are going to handle this situation. Now is the time to give praises and thanks, and a prayer offering. No one needs to know how you feel, so let your face shine and have praise upon your lips. Allow this time to be your encouragement to others.                                                                   “Thank you Lord for this empty, desolate place. I know you have set me aside for yourself. You have promised me you would never leave me, so I thank you for this testing.” Remember, this trial is a sign of great love for His children . Why? These trials and testings happen to give us wisdom, and knowledge, and in the end gain understanding. So great a love can only come from our heavenly Father. Let’s take these treasures and use them to help another hungry brother or sister along life’s journey. Be blessed and keep looking up.

The Holy Fire Within

There have, over the years, been many misconceptions spoken about my dearest friend the Holy Spirit, that He is not real and doesn’t exist. Until we cast aside all those erroneous words spoken about Him, we will never have the freedom and power that He has for us. So right here I am going to share just a tidbit about what I’ve learned about the Holy Spirit as we have walked together.

    Jesus said I will send you another comforter, and He is indeed that. With His comforting, a sense of peace comes over all of us when needed. The promise of Christ, that he’ll never leave nor forsake you is fulfilled in the Holy Spirit who comes to live inside each of us. When we pray, He helps us to pray. When all we can do is weep, He will interpret our tears that are from the heart. His voice speaks within us, what to say, to do, and where to go. How? Listen to the spirit within.

   He is my dearest friend, and I can do nothing without Him. He is my breath and heart beat. The things I’ve described are so few it would take a lifetime to try and tell all that He is, and more than I can fathom. So to all those in churchdom, who have said, “I don’t believe in the Holy Spirit,” do not know Christ and have never known Christ. Now is a good time to repent of those spoken words. I speak this out of love for all, but would  be amiss to ignore the fire of the Spirit within.

Learning Our Position

Man has always struggled to be the leader, be seen, praised, and have recognition. Men and women in today’s age want position. The one position all mankind needs is on one’s knees, but it’s a position no one wants to employ, much to their own demise.                                    Men or women will find no greater position than on their knees. The heights cannot be attained except by climbing on one’s knees. You will never get the recognition without the kneeling position. The greatest audience you will ever have in this life or the one to come is the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and only then on bent knee.                                        From the pulpit to the pew, everyone has to learn their position in a broken and contrite spirit, humbly giving our hearts to God, and that is only learned on our knees at the feet of Jesus. Love so splendid, love so divine, and we have the opportunity to give Him all of our love.

Seek God

Sitting in my easy chair last night, I had finished reading a chapter in the book of James, in God’s holy bible. I then was in the process of hearing Kenneth Hagin on You Tube teaching from the bible. Something he said jarred my memory of an event that took place many years ago. A young man came to me in church about his two choices in college and  asked that I would pray which career  to pursue, and if I got an answer from God, to let him know what it was. After a moment I told this young man that I would ask God to reveal to him what path to follow.Why tell the story now after so many years? When God jars your memory, the happening may have been yesterday or forty years ago, and with the anointing a word can still be a message for today.

  It happens too many times that we are to quick to give advice to others, and many times it spells disaster and injures another person’s spirit. We need to ask God for wisdom, and gain understanding when to speak and when not to. Be blessed as you pray.

The Furnace Room

I want to thank God for bringing these events back to the forefront of my memories. It all began in a church called Maranatha Fellowship, whose small beginning now is one of the largest in our city. A church that believed prayer was the answer to every need and that He is faithful to meet those needs. It’s where I began to seek God and His presence with all my heart, and He was faithful to meet me no matter the place or time.

     As it was a growing church, there were many weeks and months where there wasn’t any room available to pray, Many times we went out back of the church to a small grassy area, taking small carpet remnant squares to kneel on, and to God’s glory there was never  a complaint. When the weather turned colder, we were forced back inside where we eventually found the furnace room. This was a small room, and only three or four would fit in this room. Some of our greatest blessings with God came in this little room, and the lasting fellowship we made was there and now our being in different churches, our bond of love and caring is very strong even years later. What God started never ends and transcends all time and distance. The furnace room remains even with the lingering fire of our prayers still echoing in the walls of that room.

   My only hope and prayer is that there are a few men that still band together praying fervently for the Holy Ghost revival so desperately needed in America today. I hope there is a fire of a praying spirit in the furnace room of your church. If not, then start one, and your church will be the richer for it. Be Blessed in Christ alone.