The Training Ground

All my life, and yours, has been a training camp. From doing dishes in the kitchen, running for endurance or playing sports. There is a purpose in doing all these things.  Not for a victory on the field, but winning is nice as long as we keep it in perspective. The training ground is not to the swift, but to those that learn to wait in silence.

  Only in silence can we learn to hear His voice. Find a waiting place away from the clamoring noise that can make it hard  to hear His soft voice. The practice of running now will serve us best in learning how to slow down the heart and quiet our breathing. Everything about our body must learn this quietness. Can we die to self and let God take control? I believe we all can with God’s help. The inner man is our true person. We learn to trust that inner voice, that touch of God that sometimes feels like an impression.

One important thing I learned about Christ in His word, is when He would look at someone. Only after looking for a moment  He would move with compassion and speak or touch. There are times we speak or touch too quickly. We must always walk by faith and trust the Holy Spirit, for His timing is always perfect. The most important part of this training is it must always line up with the word of God, no matter what we feel or think we hear. The bible and the Holy Spirit are the two wherein we obey and act by. There are so many things, but I skimmed over and just touched on a couple things. Thank you my brothers and sisters for bearing with me, and may God direct your footsteps and quicken your hearts for those things above. In His debt and service always, all praise and glory be unto Him.


The Answer Came

One evening before church was to begin I walked up to the second floor to a room where the choir was getting ready. It was right before Christmas and the choir was adorned in beautiful robes. One member approached me and ask if I would pray for him. As he spoke that request, the words to pray entered my mind as if they were on a neon sign.

   The only words I prayed were the ones I saw in my mind. I laid my hand on his shoulder and spoke,”Father, give Tom his best Christmas ever.” Those were the only words I could speak and when I stopped, Tom’s face lit up with a big smile on his face, and he said,”That’s it. That is the exact thing I’ve been praying for weeks  now.” Well praise  God, for He gave Tom his answer. God is good all the time. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

The Longing

Many years ago I sat in my chair late at night after my wife had gone to bed. Sitting there, I had been reading through the the book of Ezekiel. I was almost finished with the twenty second chapter. My reading stopped abruptly at verse thirty. I was transfixed in the reading and it was like a sword piercing my heart. I was broken by His words. The Lord had sought throughout the earth for a man to pray for the land and found none. I cried out in my heart,”Lord, help me to be that man.”

   I have prayed and sought the Lord for many years now and the longing is still as strong today as it was when I first started. Oh! I know there are people brighter and smarter and perhaps better than I, and that’s o.k.; but since I’ve come this far, I think I will just keep praying on.

   My desire and hope is that there are men and women out there that feel called to prayer and will pick up the mantle of prayer and remain faithful to God. Who knows, maybe you will be the one who has the prayer for revival that will save America. May God speed, and as you go, remain a blessing.



Every time I step into the forest I am amazed at the miracle of creation God has laid out before us. Every step, every single leaf, each tree, acorn, bird and deer. Everything, even the minute detail of the earth’s seedlings are unique in their makeup. Listen to the tinkling sound of water dropping down over the rocks. It’s like a miniature symphony playing heaven’s music for the listening ear. Watch the trees, for man doesn’t know the wind is coming, but the trees know, and they bow their heads as the wind passes by.

   Look up! The sky above is constantly changing right before our eyes. The clouds are changing  and sometimes look like brushes sweeping the darker clouds away to reveal the blue. The color of brilliant blue sky is like lakes and waters of heaven. Only from here below the waters reflect the trees and all the brilliance of heaven and the skies above the waters. All this we can behold with two miracle wonders called eyes that the Lord has blessed us with.

   There is so much to see, and wonders are in store for those that believe. Oh! What a loving Savior. Give onto the Lord a shout of praise and be blessed.

The Voice of God

The voice of God. I will try to describe it the best way I can. It’s like a feather floating lightly across the strings of my heart. It’s music that is put to words, as it moves, it stirs a love, an inner longing, and yet a joy in knowing that I belong to Him. As I write, there is sadness also, because I can still remember not responding to the call, putting it off as a thought or an impression. I believe everyone can relate to that.

  Listen closely, He may speak to us while doing the dishes, or in the woods, or field, and even in a room full of sounds of people talking or singing. Watch and listen. “Father we will listen; enlarge the ears of the inner man, and help us to become sensitive to your voice.”

   Once you have heard His voice, you will never be the same again. Please find a closet of prayer. He is always looking for someone to partner with, and continue being a blessing to others.